About J squared Art

J squared Art is a one-man self-made enterprise of major interests created by James Scott Jr., JJ, in 2007. It all started with an interest of building websites. Learning HTML code almost overnight, JJ created his first website, JsquaredArt. Shortly after, he started creating and managing websites for others. Having a website, JJ could now display his artwork online. At the time, the majority of artwork consisted of graphic design and digital animation.

To this day, JsquaredArt remains a hobby at most. As JJ learns more about code and technoloty, the site continually improves in quality and style. JsquaredArt is also an avinue of conveying information of the interests and hobbies. These interests include graphic design, website design, drawing, digital animation, and DJing. You can read all about these services here at JsquaredArt.