James Scott Jr. was born in Meridian, MS with Albinism in September of 1980. JJ's visual acuity is 20/400 with correction. This means if a person with normal vision was to stand 400 feet from a billboard and just be able to read it, JJ could only be 20 feet away from it. Living with blindness has it's limitations, but JJ has learned that limitations are just hurdles.
At age 4, JJ discovered that he could make what he seen and imagined appear on paper. While in 1st grade, the governer of Mississippi stopped in Meridian to view JJ's artwork. In 6th grade, he received an award from the State of Mississippi for his ability to draw. JJ started his 7th grade year at the Mississippi School for the Blind where he painted a mural of the school's mascon, a bengal tiger. Shortly thereafter, he drew a large landscape picture of an imaginary urban town winch was entered in the National Helen Keller Art Show. JJ graduated MSB in 2000.
After high school, JJ got his Associate's Degree in Graphic Communications at Meridian Community College where he was recognized for his ability to draw with pencil and charcoal.
JJ is currently employed at NAS Meridian and is the Hazardous Materials Coordinator by contract. In his free time, he draws and hopes to make a full-time career of it some day. Despite his disability, he proves what God can do with a man with dreams. JJ also serves on the media team at his church, Northcrest Baptist Church.


"Keep your face in the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you. (Helen Keller)
"If you live to regret, you will regret to have lived." (James Scott Jr.)